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Oracle 11g Database

Database Programming with ORACLE 11g​

Course Duration : 4 weeks/6 weeks / 3 months
What you will learn: Oracle Database
Projects: 10+Live Projects(Desktop App/Web App)
Prerequisites: No pre-requisite required
Course Fees 5200/-  2600/-(50% Off)
Teacher’s Qualification:8 YEAR+ EXPERIENCED TEACHER
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Oracle Database 11g delivers economies of scale on easily managed low-cost grids, making it easier to reduce cost of downtime with maximum availability architecture, change IT systems faster using Real Application Testing, partition and compress data to run queries faster using less disks, securely protect and audit data, and enable total recall of data, and make productive use of standby resources with Active Data Guard.

Future Scope

SQL is an incredibly important and valuable skill employers desire. So much of our business is digital now. Digital means data; data means databases, and, to access those databases, you need SQL. Try reading a business journal and NOT see something about business intelligence or analytics. As organizations seek to do more with their data, they will need more individuals with the skills to access and analyze that data. SQL is the skill that enables you to do just that.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Database Programming.
  • Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture, Preparing the Database Environment.
  • Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture, Preparing the Database
  • Environment
  • Creating an Oracle Database, Managing the Oracle Instance
  • Configuring the Oracle Network Environment,
  • Managing Database Storage Structures, Managing Data and Concurrency
  • Managing Undo Data, Implementing Oracle Database Security, Database Maintenance
  • Performance Management, Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements
  • Backup and Recovery Concepts, Performing Database Backups, Performing Database Recovery.
  • Overview of Data Recovery Advisor, Use Data Recovery Advisor to Perform recovery(Control file, Redo log file and Data file), Moving Data.
  • Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement, Restricting and Sorting Data.
  • Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output,Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions.
  • Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions, Displaying Data from Multiple Tables.
  • Using Subqueries to Solve Queries, Using the Set Operators, Manipulating Data.
  • Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables, Creating Other Schema Objects.
  • OEM – Enterprise Manager Oracle 11g.
  • Oracle 11g New Features Programming Language Support, Oracle 11g PL/SQL New Features.
  • Oracle SQL optimizer (CBO) Improvements, Oracle 11g Business Intelligence & OLAP, Oracle 11g data mining.
  • Use PL/SQL packages to group and contain related constructs.
  • Create triggers to solve business challenges.
  • Use some of the Oracle supplied PL/SQL packages to generate screen output
    and file output.
  • Create anonymous PL/SQL blocks, functions and procedures, Declare PL/SQL
  • Manage PL/SQL subprograms, triggers, declaring identifiers and trapping
  • Understand and influence the PL/SQL compiler and manage dependencies.
  • Create anonymous PL/SQL blocks, focusing on stored procedures and
  • Create PL/SQL applications that use collections.
  • Implement a virtual private database with fine-grained access control.
  • Write code to interface with external C and Java applications.
  • Write code to interface with large objects and use Secure File LOBs.
  • Write and tune PL/SQL code effectively to maximize performance.

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