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1.automatic wireless health Monitoring System

2.line following  robotic vehicle remote operated  domestic /motor/industrial appliances control

4.password based circuit  breaker

5.street light that glow on detecting vehicles movement

6.gsm based monthly energy meter billing via sms system  with user changeable  password

8.DTMF using appliances control

9.Automatic solar tracker

10.wireless electronics  notice board using gsm

11.eletronics Voting  Machine

12.RF Based  home automation system

13.controling and monitoring of green house agriculture system

14.bidirectional visitor counter using 8051

15.automatic temperature controlled speed regulation of induction motor

16.CNC machine

17.biometric  voting machine

18.automatic street light controller circuit using relay and LDR

19.Smart blind stick

20.buck chopper

21.bust chopper

22. INDUSTRIAL appliances control using SCADA

23. Heart beat monitoring system

24. Gesture control robot

25. Automatic Water level indicator,with motor control and pump operation