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  1. SMS (GSM) controlled distant industrial appliances control
  2. SCADA controlled industrial appliances.
  3. Distant Industrial appliances control using IOT
  4. Digital weighing machine with automated LPG gas booking system using Embedded System
  5. CNC machine
  6. Quadcopter
  7. Smart City
  8. Smart EVM
  9. Smart Blind person’s Stick
  10. Smart wheel chair for Handicapped

    11.eletronics Voting  Machine

  11. RF Based  home automation system

  12. controling and monitoring of green house agriculture system

  13. bidirectional visitor counter using 8051

  14. automatic temperature controlled speed regulation of induction motor

  15. CNC machine

  16. biometric  voting machine

  17. automatic street light controller circuit using relay and LDR

  18. Smart blind stick

  19. buck chopper

  20. bust chopper