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Course Duration : 4 weeks/6 weeks / 3 months
What you will learn: PLC & SCADA 
Projects: 10+Live Projects(Desktop App/Web App)
Prerequisites: No pre-requisite required
Course Fees 5200/-  2600/-(50% Off)
Teacher’s Qualification:8 YEAR+ EXPERIENCED TEACHER
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A SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is an automation control system that is used in industries such as energy, oil and gas, water, power, and many more. … It’s very common to set up the SCADA systems to also acquire metadata, such as programmable logic controller (PLC) register paths and alarm statistics.

Future Scope

India has just stepped in Industrial Automation field , So now over period of time IOT, IIOT and Artificial Intelligence this type of technologies will merging with Operational Technologies like PLC SCADA DCS and that is the reason future will be bright in Automation. There will be multiple openings & Job opportunities in IT as well as OT sectors, IT companies are hiring as Anayst, Tester and developer for SCADA or IIOT application & software .

Course Modules

  • Selection of PLC components( Power supply, CPU, I/Os List , Communication bus Various ranges available in PLC’s)
  • I/O list selection /li>
  • Open-Circuit and Short-Circuit Tests
  • Types of Inputs & outputs / Source Sink Concepts
  • Parallel Operation of Transformers
  • Wiring of the I/O devices
  • Architectural Evolution of PLC
  • Introduction to the field devices
  • Types of Inputs & outputs / Source Sink Concepts
  • Wiring of the I/O devices
  • Load /and /or/out / and Read / Write
  • Compare / Add / Sub /And /Or – Blocks
  • Edge / trailing edge instructions
  • MOVE block application, Timer and Counter Blocks programming
  • Advanced instructions,
  • File handling and Comment functions
  • Master control /set /reset function
  • SCADA system application( Oil GAS / factory /Metro/ Solar Power Plant /Steel Plant )
  • Calculation SCADA tag.
  • Selection of Software basis of SCADA Tag.
  • Creating Database of Tags
  • SCADA Screen /Creating & Editing graphic display with animation
  • Data Entry / Start Stop command
  • Analog entry
  • Sizing, Movement, Blinking, Visibility, Filling
  • Trending
  • Creating & Accessing Real-time
  • Creating & Accessing Historical Trend

Book For Final Year Project

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