Internet of Things (IoT) using Raspberry PI

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Internet of Things (IoT)
06 March 2021
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What “the Internet of Things” means and how it relates to Cloud computing concepts 

  Topics to be Covered in This Training 


Introduction to the Internet of Things

     The Arduino Platform

     Programming fundamentals ( C language )

Arduino Programming & Interface of Sensors

·        ·        ·        Reading from Sensors

Embedded Projects

Project 1: Simple LED Program forArduino

Project 2: LED Blink Project

Project 3: Traffic Light Control

Project 4: Displaying Date on Serial Monitor

Project 5: Automated Door OpeningSystem

Project 6: LCD Interfacing

Project 7: LDR Interfacing

Project 8: Smart Street Light System

Project 9: Integrating Sensors &Reading Environmental Physical Values.

 Project 10: Reading EnvironmentalValues on Android Smartphone.

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